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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make your own cheesecake?

Yes! All the cheesecakes at High Society are handcrafted in-house with only the best ingredients. It took Marcus almost 2 years to create the perfect recipe, so you’ll never find a cheesecake quite like ours.

Which cheesecakes are available for shipping?

Any of our whole cheesecakes are available for shipping, just give us a call and let us know your request! Although we are unable to ship cheesecake in a single-slice format. However, you can order up to four in-season flavors in a whole cheesecake, or you can ship our assortment packs of mini cheesecakes if you’re looking for more variety!

When can I expect my cheesecake after I place a shipping order?

Any cheesecake ordered on our website by the second Tuesday of the month will normally ship out on the third Monday of the month. If you place your order after that time period, it will ship the next month. There are occasional changes to the timeline, but we communicate the most current time frame with you at the time of your order. Always feel free to give us a call, too!

How much does shipping cost?

To ship a High Society Cheesecake to your home or office costs a flat rate of $35. That includes extra precautions to ensure your cheesecake arrives in tact, on time, and ready to enjoy!